Turkish Bath Mitt


Nurture your skin using the Turkish Bath Mitt.

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Nurture your skin using the Turkish Bath Mitt.

✔ This mitt is made of special fabric. It is easy to clean and long lasting. To clean handwash with soap and water.
✔ Using the mitt results in silky smooth, younger looking skin after just one use.
✔The special fabric visibly lifts away dead skin cells with no chemicals.
✔It stimulates blood flow to the skin and eliminates dry, gray skin.
✔Reduces or eliminates razor bumps, acne, and other conditions caused by clogged pores.

To use:
✔ Use the mitt one time per week. It’s tempting, but don’t use it more than one time a week. You don’t want to remove healthy skin cells.
✔ Bring your bath water to the highest water temperature suitable for you. Soak in the tub or shower for 5 minutes or longer. The longer the better.
✔ I know it sounds gross, but don’t wash your body before using the mitt.
✔ Wet the mitt, then rub the mitt on your softened skin. Do not rub in circles. Rub up and down or side to side, only.
✔ After using the mitt, clean and rinse your body with soap. It is recommended that you use one of the following soaps for the deepest cleaning: Black, Castile, or Handmade soap with Essential Oils. After drying, apply lotion to your skin if desired.
✔ If you do this process once a week, you will see a dramatic change in your skin.

Cleaning Instructions: Hand wash or machine wash, but do not use fabric softener. Hang dry. The key is to not “soften” the mitt by using heavy detergents, or fabric softeners.

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