Peppermint Conditioner Bar


Conditioner bars are great for your hair and they also make terrific shaving lotion!

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PeppermintĀ  Conditioner Bar

If you have not tired a conditioner bar, now’s the time. Our conditioner bars are economical, easy to travel with, and come in a compostable/recyclable box. No more throwing dozens of bottles away every year!

Made with jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, protein, vitamin E, and cocoa butter, these bars have all the ingredients your hair craves. Our Peppermint conditioner has Peppermint essential oil to help increase blood flow to your scalp and the fragrance is a great pick-me-up!

Our conditioner bars last (for shoulder length hair) for up to 70 conditionings. Just hold the bar up to the warm water in the shower to heat it up, then run the bar along your hair. Massage the condioner into your hair, and then for an added bonus, rub the bar on your legs for a super close shave! After a couple of minutes, rinse your hair and enjoy silky hair that is not weighed down.

Then, leave the bar on a soap dish to dry!

And did we mention that

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